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The Minnesota Cloud Dancers is an aerobatic flying club that was originally formed in 1978, hence the "78" chapter number. Our chapter is composed of about 40 members, primarily from Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin,, and Michigan. The members of the Minnesota Cloud Dancers aerobatic flying club are people with a common interest in aviation and a special love for the challenging and exhilarating sport of aerobatic flying. Our club is part of the International Aerobatics Club, a division of the Experimental Aircraft Association



The popular characterization for aerobatic flying is “stunt flying.” Pilots who engage in this activity are sometimes thought to be crazy daredevils. This romantic and somewhat sensational view is common in the media because it is exciting. It sells advertising and gets attention.

We are not "stunt pilots", "daredevils", or "barnstormers". We don't perform "loop-de-loops", "tail-spins", or even "death spirals". We don't have a death wish, and generally we are conservative and very cautious individuals. Aerobatic flying and flying in general is very safe, as long as the pilot exercises normal care and caution.

What we are is a group of pilots and enthusiasts who love the art of flying, and are striving to learn more about the aerodynamic envelope of an aerobatic capable aircraft. In competition aerobatics, the key is precision in every aspect - timing, execution, and presentation. It is a constant learning process, all the way up to the World Aerobatic Champion. Recreational aerobatic pilots are also interested in improving their skills, and while they aren't as concerned with total precision with regard to execution of maneuvers, they are primarily concerned with safety and are better equipped to handle more varied situations than your average "straight & level" pilot.


Welcome to our website. Our pages contain much information about our chapter. Chapter newsletters are available for viewing in Adobe PDF format at the newsletter page. We do not have a Chapter clubhouse (yet...) and we meet periodically at various locations that are announced in our newsletter and on our website. Our club stays in touch with the latest news and updates via our Yahoo Groups email distribution association. If you would like to join our club, please download our signup form here. The yearly dues are a modest $25.00 per membership. The check should be made out to IAC Chapter 78 and sent to our Chapter Treasurer, Ms. Kris Pichelman at 2800 Acadia Court, Burnesville, MN  55337-3415.

Thanks for visiting our website! Wishing you Blue Skies and Tailwinds Always!