Activating a Box

A NOTAM “D” must be issued by FSS prior to using any practice box. Activation notice of these NOTAMS can be a maximum of 72 hours ahead of the beginning time and a minimum of 1 hour. The FSS specialist transmits the NOTAM D to the US NOTAM Office computer where it is assigned a NOTAM number and transmitted throughout the system, including Minneapolis Center, usually within a minute or two. Minneapolis Center, upon receipt, electronically posts the NOTAM at the appropriate sector that has control of the area where your Aerobatic Practice Area is located.

Step One

  • Call FSS using ONLY the national NOTAM number: 1-877-487-6867.
  • When you speak to the appropriate Flight Data specialist, tell them you wish to issue a NOTAM activating an aerobatic practice waiver at [airport identifier] [city], [state].
  • The briefer will check the NOTAM Authority list to see who is authorized to issue a NOTAM for an airport. Currently, only the airport manager’s name and, their designated airport personnel as well, are on the NOTAM authority list.

Step Two

  • You must notify MPLS Center at least 30 minutes in advance prior to commencement of aerobatic activity.
  • Activate the Cumberland WI box by calling Center at 651-463-5582
  • Activate the Litchfield MN box by calling Center at 651-463-5583
  • Activate the Waseca, MN box by calling Center at 651-463-5583

When speaking to Minneapolis Center, the person operating the practice area box will give Center a cell phone number that ATC can call during aerobatic operations. ATC will use this number to request suspension of aerobatic operations to allow any inbound IFR approaches to be completed. The ground observer will keep the cell phone close at hand in order to be able to take the call from ATC and quickly suspend aerobatic operations. It is imperative the cell phone to be used has been tested for operation on the ramp

Step Three

You must notify Center and FSS via telephone at the termination of aerobatic activity

Activating a Box

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