The 2017 Doug Yost Challenge is a 5-category powered aerobatic contest, sanctioned by the International Aerobatic Club.

  • August 11-13, 2017 (registration/practice on Friday, competition on Saturday & Sunday)
  • Five category power (Primary, Sportsman, Intermediate, Advanced, Unlimited)
  • Gliders welcome! Please call ahead so we can arrange for tow planes!
  • Cory Johnson, Contest Director (, 608-341-8031)

Airport Information

Our contest is held at KSPW - the Spencer Municipal Airport in Spencer IA. The airport features two hard surface runways, ample ramp space, a beautiful terminal facility, and fuel/aircraft services.

Aerial View Sectional View

For more information, checkout the full airport description on AirNav!


There are a few things that you will be required to bring in order to fly in the contest and a bunch of items which will be helpful. We’ve attempted to capture them in the lists below - feel free to add your own items as needed!

Pre-contest Preparation

  • Ensure your parachute repack will be current
  • Check insurance coverage - proper liability amount and dates of coverage
  • Make sure the aircraft won’t be due for an Annual inspection
  • Make sure your Medical certificate (if required) will be current
  • Make sure your aircraft’s radio works.
  • Check that your Free forms are approved and signed and you have enough copies (does not apply to Primary, optional for Sportsman)
  • Enough copies of your Frees - typically 10 A, 15 B and 15 C
  • Make hotel and possibly car arrangements
  • Take vacation time for the Friday, and make sure nothing critical is planned for Monday (It’s rare, but sometimes the weather will turn on you and getting home takes longer than expected)
  • Contact the Contest Director if you have any questions/concerns.

Things the Pilot Needs

  • A sense of humor - this is fun, not work
  • Pilot’s certificate
  • Medical certificate, if required
  • Approved free programs for Intermediate through Unlimited, optional for Sportsman
  • IAC membership card
  • Check or cash to pay contest fees
  • Credit card to pay for hotel & fuel
  • Cash for meals
  • Sunblock
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Contest rule book, if desired
  • Enough clothing & personal necessities for 4+ days (3 days for the contest, plus a day or two if bad weather makes it difficult to get home)

Things the Plane Needs

  • Airworthiness certificate
  • Registration certificate
  • Operating limitations and current Program Letter if required for your aircraft
  • Weight & balance, specific to your aircraft
  • Proof of insurance ($1M/$100K or better)
  • Parachute, repacked within 180 days, with pack card
  • Functioning VHF comm radio
  • Proof of current annual/condition inspection (photocopies okay)
  • Current navigation charts, if flying in
  • Parachute
  • Fuel filler hose (Pitts)(optional, but handy)
  • Oil filler spout (optional)
  • an extra quart of oil (optional, but never hurts)
  • Tool kit

Hotel Information

  • American Inn
    • 712-262-7525
    • $109 / night
  • Holiday Inn Express
    • 877-320-8454
    • $150 / night