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Learning to fly aerobatics is one of the most challenging yet most rewarding styles of flying. And, counter to common belief, it’s easy to get started.  We are an active group of aviation enthusiasts from Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and North & South Dakota who share a special love for the challenging and exhilarating sport of aerobatic flying. We were originally formed in 1978, hence the “78” chapter number. Our club is part of the International Aerobatics Club, a division of the Experimental Aircraft Association. You don’t have to compete in aerobatics to be a member or to enjoy flying with us.  You don't even have to be a pilot!

We represent a group of individuals in the upper midwest who, as part of the IAC, promote and encourage pilots to get involved with aerobatics. From education to contests, the Minnesota Cloud Dancers have something for everyone interested in learning precise aircraft control and having a ball!

You don’t need to be Bob Hoover or Sean Tucker to have fun - and lets face it, flying aerobatics is FUN! Numerous flight schools around the U.S. and abroad offer instruction in aerobatic aircraft, but one of the best ways to get started is to join a local chapter of the International Aerobatics Club, part of the Experimental Aircraft Association.


We have three aerobatic boxes for our chapter's use; two in Minnesota and one in western Wisconsin.  Adjacent to a local airport, these boxes provide an ideal place for practicing your sequence, getting tips and suggestions from observers on the ground, and for chapter practice days and events.


Failure to observe these guidelines could result in the cancellation of these boxes by the FAA. Please act responsibly!

  • The person responsible for the box is the airport manager. The box can only be operated on days that have been scheduled in advance with explicit permission of the Airport Manager.

  • The airport manager shall open the box. Qualified chapter members may be added to the waiver authority list upon approval of the airport manager. Please refer to the FSS box opening procedure described with each box.

  • All pilots must be members of the International Aerobatic Club and also be current members of IAC Chapter 78. A list of current members is supplied to the airport manager. Non-members or guests wishing to fly in a box must obtain prior approval to fly a box from the Chapter 78 President, or designated Chapter Officer.

  • Upon landing at the airport, all participating pilots will first read the waiver and attached special provisions. Pilots will then fill out the attached pilot roster prior to flying in the box. The waiver and pilot log is contained in a three ring binder located in the terminal building at each airport.

  • The Box Operations log will be completed with each use. Date and hours of operation will be noted along with names of pilots flying.

  • It is mandatory that at least two pilots participate in any box operation. The box may not be used without at least one ground observer who will monitor the local CTAF frequency with a hand held transceiver and also be in contact with the person flying in the box. The observer must advise both the pilot in the box and any inbound/outbound aircraft of potential traffic conflicts.

  • All pilots will be personally responsible that the aircraft they are using are airworthy, insured with minimum of $1,000,000 liability, and properly certificated. 



Typically not used on Sundays to help reduce noise.

FAA Waiver For KUBE



Not aligned with road grids.

FAA Waiver For KLJF



Not aligned with road grids.

FAA Waiver For KACQ

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