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July 2021 Update

Just wanted to touch base with everyone and keep you posted on what's going on.

Mike Lents has the box open July 17 in Grafton ND KGAF. It maybe a little jaunt but you're getting critique by the professor him self! Well worth with it in my books!

Aaron, Dan, and my self are working on the scholarship award. Unfortunately this will probably the final year, our main sponsor over the years has become non-contactable for some time. We don't have the revenue income to sustain it our self. The final winner will be announced at Air Venture Friday evening at the IAC members Gathering.

Speaking of Air Venture, it's coming up real soon and I hope to see you there! Also at the annual members meeting they will announce the winner of the elections. If you haven't yet, please do so. You can vote at If you didn't receive an email yet about the candidates, you can log into the IAC web site and read all the bio's. If you still have questions, please feel free to reach out to me and I can help you out. (only if your voting for me, just kidding!)

The Spencer contest isn't to far out, even if you thinking about going please get a room! Like always, rooms are going to be hard to get! For some reason we always make it a popular weekend in Spencer! It must be the Chapter, so let's have the same luck for Luke's contest in Winnipeg the 28th!! I promise it won't snow. If you haven't been to Winnipeg, it's a great town not far over the boarder.

Nationals is coming up and it sounds like we will have biggest turn out of Chapter 78 so far! This is great and hopefully we can get some meaning full practice in. We've been slacking this year, weather and maintenance issues have hampered many of us. Just working out the kinks of being off for a year, but let's start knocking that rust off and take Nationals! Aaron and Craig are making a run for the Unlimited Team so let's support them and make it great! Plus if you're looking for to become a judge, Nationals is great opportunity to get all of your assists in and plus plenty of judges to make it happen. You don't have to stay all week, we would love to have, just coming in for a couple of days will bring you closer! If you are going Nationals, please get your car and rooms ASAP!

If anyone has anyone questions feel free to reach out at any time!

Blue skies,

Justin Hickson

IAC Chapter 78 President

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