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A good CFI is always learning, that's why Chapter 78 has a aerobatic scholarship for CFI's that are looking to explore what most of us get to enjoy every time we fly! You don't have to become the greatest airshow pilot, this is a great way to learn something new and have fun with it. Click the scholarship link to learn more about how you can get $2,000 towards aerobatics!

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Just wanted to touch base with everyone and keep you posted on what's going on. Mike Lents has the box open July 17 in Grafton ND KGAF. It maybe a little jaunt but you're getting critique by the prof

The 2019 Doug Yost Challenge is right around the corner!

IAC Judges, Competitors, Contest Volunteers and Aerobatic Enthusiasts! The Michigan IAC Chapter 88 will be hosting a two day Judges School on March 16 & 17 of 2019 at the Pontiac airport (PTK) in Wat